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Unite divided communities around the world through sport!

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PeacePlayers uses the power of basketball to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities to create a more peaceful world. We offer sport programming, peace education, and leadership development to those living in communities where there is social conflict. Ultimately, we facilitate life skills sessions through the game of basketball.

MY STORY: Every since I could remember I was dribbling a ball inside my house, around my neighborhood, and in gyms across the United States. Aside from my family, the game of basketball was my first love. The life lessons basketball provided have been instrumental to my development into the person I've become. My passion for the game propelled me to pursue a career in international youth development and using sport for social good. My current role with PeacePlayers South Africa as a fellow has been humbling, rewarding, and has allowed me to develop personally and professionally. I want to build onto this experience by engaging my friends and family with the cause I'm working toward.

Everyday I go into the field and visit the schools we offer programming in I see kids with no shoes to play basketball in, worn out basketballs, deteriorated basketball courts in need of renovation with no nets, whilst watching kids who are happy and passionate about the game engage with their peers. Too often I hear of kids going through unimaginable circumstances in their home while putting on smiles when they are amongst their peers playing basketball. The plight of a kid from a township is daunting and only some kids are able to prevail through the chaos. Because of limited funds and resources, schools are only able to pay a small portion of their total programming fees. PeacePlayers wants to continuing making an impact by bridging dives and changing perceptions amongst the youth of South Africa. In an effort to continuously make an impact, I am hoping that you will join me and make a small financial contribution towards the development of youth in South Africa.

Your contribution will go a long way, especially during these unprecedented times where are families in dire need of basic resources that we sometime stake for granted. Currently, $1 USD is worth roughly R17 (Rands). For the sake of my audience, I'll highlight the following in USD:

  • A $5 donation can purchase a set of basketball nets, a jersey for a participant, or a basketball for students in our programs.
  • A $25 donation feeds a family of four for one month.
  • A $40 donation assists coaches and participants with four gigabytes of data to attend weekly virtual sessions via Zoom.
  • A $50 donation can purchase a can of paint to redo lines in the schools we work with.
  • A $70 donation can purchase a pair of shoes for a participant.
  • A $120 donation will sponsor programming cost for one participant during a programming year
  • A $300 donation assist a coach-mentor with adequate coaching materials and transportation to their weekly sessions for one programming year.
  • A $500 donation will build a new basketball hoop in a school.

Any contribution will be of greatly appreciated. Additionally, all in-kind donations can be sent to the following mailing address: PeacePlayers SA 381 King Dinuzulu Rd South, Berea, Durban 4001. If there are any inquiries about shipping or if you can put me in contact global corporate sponsors, please email me at My goal is to reach $50,000 by the time my fellowship concludes in January of 2022. Let's see what we can achieve for the youth of South Africa together!