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Give a little. Help a lot.

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Building a Global Youth Peace Movement through sport.

This has been a challenging year for everyone, especially those in the sports industry. Over the last six months it has become even more apparent that sports not only provide an escape, but also have a unique power to help and heal.

Since 2017 the Sports Business Journal has recognized four outstanding non-profits with its Celebration of Service Award, including PeacePlayers. This year, we wanted to do more than just recognize organizations that are using sports to make a difference in peoples’ lives every day, we wanted to help support them.

On behalf of SBJ and PeacePlayers, thank you for your donation!

PeacePlayers offers sport programming, peace education, and leadership development to those living in communities in conflict. We bridge divides between people through the game of basketball and we develop young leaders who help to change perceptions.


Individual and communal connections creating a more peaceful world.


To unite divided communities through sport.If we can play together, we can live together.